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Thank you for visiting the Plan2026 project page.  The Town's Comprehensive Plan identifies what the community wants for the future and ways to turn that vision into a reality.


Just like successful individuals, households and businesses, successful communities plan for the future.  Planning for future needs moves a community from reactive to proactive by providing a framework to understand trends, context and choices; developing a long-term vision; finding common ground for goals and policies; and defining actions that will acheive the goals.

The plan is comprehensive and covers a wide range of topics that extend beyond the Town government.  Chapters cover:

  • Economic Development & Innovation
  • Arts, Heritage & Recreation
  • Education, Training & Libraries
  • Health, Wellness & Social Support
  • Housing & Population
  • Energy
  • Safety, Justice & Hazard Resilience
  • Governance & Participation
  • Ecosystems & Working Landscapes
  • Public Services & Facilities
  • Land Use & Development
  • Transportation

Milton's adopted plan will expire in 2018.  To stay valid, the Town must take action to adopt a plan.  Keeping MIlton's plan valid is an important part of local control, because it enables the Town to: adopt regulations that shape development and control community impacts, adopt a capital budget and program to fund large purchases (like sidewalks and ambulances), influence development proceedings undergoing Act250 review by the District Commission or Section 248 review by the Public Service Board (for energy or telecommunications facilities), and qualify for certain state and federal funding programs.

While the Planning Commission prepares the plan, the Selectboard adopts the plan, and the Regional Planning Commission confirms the plan for consistency with Vermont's Planning Act, plans that avoid being "shelved" reflect the shared priorities of many community stakeholders.  Help shape the plan by engaging in the participation opportunities shown below. 

Project Approach

The Planning Commission's vision is to develop a plan that:
1. Reflects broad-based public participation;
2. Is concise as possible;
3. Has clear and specific goals and policies (made measurable when possible); and
4. Is action-oriented and geared for implementation.

Staff will be working to prepare language for the Commission that: maintains core content, themes and functional goals; eliminates unnecessary length and  unimplementable goals; and adds new priorities as well as formatting and graphics that make the plan more accessible.

Each chapter will frame context, vision/values, goals/policies, and actions. 
Context evaluates the data and trends to help us understand our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. 
Vision statements explain where we want to go as a community in the next 20+ years and why we want to go there: what we want to maintain, shift and transform.
Goals and policies communicate specific strategies stakeholders can take that will advance the vision during the life of the plan.
Actions are steps we can take to implement the goal.

Project Phasing

Phase I: Vision Development
Phase II: Chapter Development -- CURRENT PHASE
Phase III: Implementation Development
Phase IV: Adoption & Confirmation


The public may attend and speak at meetings of municipal bodies in accordance with Vermont's Open Meeting Law (1VSA312).  Time is usually given on each agenda under "Public Forum".

August 1, 2017 | Library Trustees | Agenda | Meeting Materials | Minutes
Project introduction and distribution of Library content.
July 26, 2017 | Economic Development Commission | Agenda | Meeting Materials | Minutes
Review of adopted Economic Development Chapter.

July 18, 2017 | Planning Commission | Agenda | Meeting Materials | Minutes
Review of survey results and draft vision statements. Survey results linked below.
July 10, 2017 | School Board | Agenda | Meeting Materials | Minutes
Project introduction and distribution of adopted Education Chapter. 
June 28, 2017 | Economic Development Commission | Agenda | Meeting Materials | Minutes
Project introduction and distribution of adopted Economic Development Chapter.

June 6, 2017 | Planning Commission | Agenda | Meeting Materials | Minutes
Project introduction and discussion of project approach. 

June 5, 2017 | Selectboard | Agenda | Meeting Materials | Minutes
Project introduction and discussion of project approach.

Public Engagement Events

We know that you are busy.  That's why we're working hard to meet you where you are and learn about your priorities.

Best of Milton Art & Photography Contest: Celebrating Milton's Sense of Community and Place
Event under development in partnership with the Milton's Artists Guild.

Community Health Networking Event

Milton Family Practice
July 26, 2017 | 12PM to 1:30PM
Brief discussion about partnership to enhance the plan's role in addressing connections between the built environment and community health outcomes. 

Plan2026 Kickoff Event & Workshop

Saturday, July 8, 2017 | 10AM to NOON
Municipal Building Community Room
43 Bombardier Rd. | Milton, VT 05468
On Saturday, July 8th we hosted the Plan2026 Kickoff Event! At this workshop, participants shared perspectives, pulled together themes from various outreach efforts, and framed broad vision statements for the Plan. 
-Event Flyer
-Event Agenda

Milton Farmers Market
Hannaford Plaza
July 6, 2017 | 3 to 6PM
Vision survey outreach.

Direct Outreach to Community Leaders: Municipal Officials, Local Staff Leaders, Social Sector Leaders, Regional Leaders, Legislative Delegation, and More
June 30, 2017
E-mail introduction to project, vision survey and workshop in an envelope outreach.

Milton Town School District Summer Food Service Kickoff Carnival
June 20, 2017 11AM to 2PM
Vision survey outreach and information table.

Public Engagement Tools

The plan is how a community defines and implements its vision for the future.  Effective plans reflect the priorities of town residents, employees and business owners.

Project Page
This webpage serves as the project's home base to keep stakeholders informed.  Transparency is important to your planners. Visit as often as you'd like to see what's happening.

Direct E-mail
We maintain a list of people interested in this project for periodic updates.  Contact us to be added (contact information below).

Workshop in an Envelope
Under Development
Here's how it works: we send you an envelope with all the necessary materials to host a successful workshop surrounding a particular chapter of the plan, including: agenda, worksheets, attendance list, and any other important materials. You host a conversational meeting with friends and colleagues structured around the materials provided. This event could tag along with another one of your organization’s regular events. At the end of the event, you put the materials back in the envelope and send them to the Milton Town Planning office. Contact us if you are interested (contact information below).

The Road Show
Summer 2017 to Spring 2018
The planning staff welcomes the opportunity to attend a meeting of your organization to share information about the plan and ways your group can be involved.  Contact us for availability (contact information below).

Vision Survey
June 7, 2017 to July 18, 2017
In six short questions, we sought input online, in paper, and at several events.  We asked about the future people want to see for Milton.  The results include over 1,000 qualitative data points that can be used as a basis to shape plan content.
Survey Results: Summary Report
Survey Results: Full Data

Post Card Stories
June 7, 2017 to July 18, 2017
Participants described Milton as it exists today and what you hope they hoped it would be in the future.  The submissions were integrated into the survey results above.


Project Press

Will you be the first to cover this project?

Project Support Materials

Adopted Comprehensive Town Plan of 2013
Prior Milton Plans, Studies and Reports
The Regional Plan: ECOS
The Vermont Planning Manual


Send inquiries and questions to Jacob Hemmerick, Planning Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , 893-1186, or 43 Bombardier Rd., Milton VT 05468.