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Posted on: July 10, 2020

Murray Avenue & Hardscrabble Road Work

Chip Sealing

A message from Town Manager, Don Turner Jr:

The Town of Milton has been exploring different methods of extending the life of our roads. This week we completed Murray Avenue and Hardscrabble Roads. We used two different methods of what is commonly referred to as chip sealing on these roads. We did not repave these roads.

Murray Ave was structurally intact so we used an Asphalt Rubber Surface Treatment to meet our goal of extending its life until which time we have the money to repave the entire 1.8 miles which includes Sawyer Ave. We did shim coat with paving the worst areas of the road. However, some visible imperfections do remain and the road is not as smooth as we had anticipated. However, we remain confident that the treatment will preserve the road until which time we have the resources to repave the entire road from Manley to Hibbard Roads. The cost to do this work was far less expensive than a complete repave of the entire road.

Chip Sealing

Hardscrabble Road residents had become very frustrated with the condition of that road over the last several years. Our initial estimates to repave this road exceeded $300,000 not including the required tree removal and ditch work. The project completed this week, required a total reconstruct with most of the work being done by our highway crew. It included tree removal, ditching, grinding up the existing material and then regrading it smooth. The contractor then added several layers of stone with an asphalt compound in between the layers. The total cost of all the work mentioned above will be less than half the cost to repave that same stretch of road. We understand that this method was used when the Town originally covered the gravel on Hardscrabble Road many years ago. A dead end road with relatively low traffic flows does not score well in a matrix that is weighted for high traffic use roads. Had we not used this method, it is likely that Hardscrabble Road would be still on the repaving waiting list for years to come. We believe this method will again provide a good road to serve the residents of Hardscrabble Road for years to come.

Chip Sealing 2

The Town of Milton is looking for alternative treatments to extend pavement life, save budget dollars, and provide a durable wearing surface for their users. Based on this, we selected the single and double chip seal preservation treatments to address the issues on Murray Avenue and Hardscrabble Rd. Utilizing surface treatments such as this will allow the Town to spread our limited paving/road treatment dollars further.

Chip Sealing 3

Residents on both roads have expressed concerns about this work. I ask that you please give the treatments some time to see how they work before deeming them failures. If you still have concern, please feel free to call 891-8021 or email me.

Finally, I encourage you to join the discussion about road treatment plans during the budget process. Last fiscal year voters approved a one million dollar bond for paving and we did a lot of good work around town. However, this fiscal year the paving line item has a total of $235,000 for paving.

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