The Great Milton Bake Off

Great Milton Bake Off

Milton's Star Baker

Pia Yarnell is crowned Milton's Star Baker in The Great Milton Bake Off 2021!

Second Place went to Mychella Daily, and Third Place to Jenny-Beth Cook. Thank you all bakers who participated! We had a blast, and hope to be back next year for more baking fun!

Pictured are Pia's final round entries: S'mores Inspired Mini Swiss Rolls, and Lemon & Blackberry Layered Cake.

Milton's Star Baker Pia Yarnell

Pia Yarnell Winner

Lemon & Blackberry Layered Cake

Pia Yarnell Round Three #2

S'Mores Inspired Mini Swiss Rolls

Pia Yarnell Round Three #1

The Bake Off

The Great Milton Bake Off is a baking competition for Milton amateur bakers. It includes two challenges each month: a Signature challenge and a Showstopper challenge. The competition runs from February 1 – April 30, with a different theme each month. Unfortunately due to COVID-19, judges will not be able to taste the confections. Instead, video and photo submissions will be judged on appearance, accuracy, and creativity of ingredients.

Four contestants will be eliminated at the end of each round. On April 30th, the winner will be announced and crowned Milton’s Star Baker!


  • Richard Edwards, Chef/Owner of PupCakes Bakery and Corporate Trainer for Darden Restaurant Corp.
  • Sharon Radtke, Milton Recreation Commissioner and Amateur Baker
  • You!: Vote for your favorite baker on the public voting poll each month.

Monthly Challenges

Round 1: Desserts
Round 2: Breads
Round 3: Cakes


Round 1 begins Feb 1. Challenges are announced.
Round 1 voting and judging take place Feb 22 – Feb 26
Round 1 results are announced Feb 26

Round 2 begins March 1. Challenges are announced.
Round 2 voting and judging take place March 25 – March 31
Round 2 results are announced March 31

Round 3 begins April 5. Challenges are announced.
Round 3 voting and judging take place April 26 – April 30
Round 3 Finale April 30 – Milton’s Star Baker announced!


Cathy Hartley

Cathy Hartley Eliminated

Pia Yarnell

Pia Yarnell

Susan Gardecki

Susan Gardecki Eliminated

Eliminated Round 2
Cathy Hartley has always enjoyed baking and really began to appreciate it when she went to work at a bakery in Tennessee. Before that, Cathy was self taught. Since then, Cathy had two more baking jobs where she learned more. Cathy is always reading recipes and studying the creative process. Cathy loves the combination of the science and the artistic expression of baking.

2021 Winner
Round 2 Star Baker
Pia Yarnell is a mechanical engineer at DuBois & King. When Pia is not working she can be found skiing at Smuggs or sailing on Lake Champlain. Pia moved to Milton in 2019 with her partner Ben and their cat.

Eliminated Round 1
Baking is one of Susan's favorite hobbies. While she enjoys making desserts and sweet treats, bread has become Susan's passion over the last few years and what she has focused much of her time on learning about and practicing. Susan likes the combination of chemistry and artistry involved in baking, and most of the time she insists on making her baked goods from scratch. Susan's goal throughout this bakeoff is to enjoy the challenge and fun of making the assigned treats along with seeing what the other participants create.

Jenny-Beth Cook

Jenny-Beth Cook Eliminated

Mychella Daily

Mychella Daily Eliminated

Danielle Brigham

Danielle Brigham Eliminated

2021 2nd Runner-Up
Jenny-Beth is the baker in her huge family, catering to a wide variety of dietary needs and palates. She loves sticking to traditional recipes like chocolate chip cookies, fruit cakes, and meringues, but adding a twist using unexpected flavors or ingredients that compliment the recipe. Jenny-Beth started cooking and baking at a young age out of necessity, but has continued to make food for her family (including her new first-born) out of joy; the kitchen is where she is happiest.

2021 1st Runner-Up
Round 1 Star Baker
Baking is an Art that brings people together and feeds their souls through the wonderful memories created with Family and Friends around that dish! Mychella grew up baking with her grandma, and now, she bakes with her daughter. Baking through generations with love!

Eliminated Round 1
Danielle Brigham has lived in Milton for almost 8 years. Danielle lives with her 7 year old daughter, Savannah and her dog, Blossom. Some of Danielle's favorite things to make are pies and Italian food, both of which she was able to incorporate into challenge one. Danielle grew up watching her grandmothers, both of which were amazing bakers and believes she developed her skills working with them in their kitchens. Danielle now enjoys sharing this passion with her daughter as they cook together. Danielle works at Burlington Technical Center as the Student Support Coordinator. She spends her free time (in warmer weather) at a family camp, hiking, kayaking and being outside. In colder temps they stay busy inside baking, playing games and being crafty. 

Cathryn St. Peter

Cathryn St. Peter Eliminated

Addy Bartlett

Addy Bartlett Eliminated

Marcelyn Knapp

Marcelyn Knapp Eliminated

Eliminated Round 2
Cathryn St. Peter is a very busy mom of three girls. Baking has created many memories with Cathryn's girls, from cupcakes to Christmas cookies they make it all. Cathryn's favorite thing to bake though - Grandma's apple cake - yum!

Eliminated Round 2
Addy Bartlett is almost 14 and loves to cook and bake. Addy entered this competition because she thinks it will be very fun and wants to improve her baking skills. Addy's favorite thing to bake is cookies!

Eliminated Round 2
Marcelyn Knapp is 9 years old. She likes to bake and wants to be a cake baker when she grows up, and own her own bakery. Marcelyn's favorite food is tacos. Her favorite singer is Shawn Mendes. Marcelyn likes to play outside with her friends and ride horses. She loves unicorns and is writing a unicorn comic book. Marcelyn really wants to learn how to make a unicorn cake.

Michael Chouinard


Brooke Commo

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Eliminated Round 1

Eliminated Round 1