Charter Review Committee


The Town of Milton is  in the process of reviewing it’s Town Charter. A municipal charter is the basic document that defines the organization, powers, functions and essential procedures of town government. It is suggested that charter’s be reviewed periodically to take into account changes in demographics and shifting needs of a municipality. A review committee was established In February of 2020 to carefully review, edit and suggest updates to the Selectboard before it is brought before the voters of Milton for approval and sent to the VT State Legislature for acceptance. The Charter Review Committee’s goal is to have the process completed by Town Meeting day in March of 2021.


  • Ron Hubert, Chair
  • Lou Mossey, Vice Chair
  • Brenda Steady, Secretary & Selectboard Member
  • Chris Taylor, Selectboard Member
  • Jeremy Metcalf, School Board Member
  • Michael Joseph, School Board Member
  • Terri Sabens
  • Tracey Hughes
  • Sheryl Prince
  • Jim Ballard