Hourglass Town Green Advisory Committee

Milton Hourglass Project Conceptual Design

Goals & Objectives

The Hourglass Town Green Advisory Committee has been charged with advising the Selectboard on features that should be included in the new Town Green, to be located on Route 7 South where the intersection of Middle Road and Railroad Street sits currently. The Committee will estimate costs for these features and submit a final report to the Selectboard on or before December 31, 2019. The Selectboard will approve a concept for the Town Green on or before March 31, 2020 and a design consultant will be hired for permitting. Regular meetings will be established for the Committee and meetings will be open to the public.


The Hourglass Town Green Advisory Committee will meet on the following dates beginning at 6:00 p.m. in the Milton Municipal Building Community Room. Community members are welcome and encouraged to attend.


The following Committee members were appointed by the Selectboard, following public outreach seeking members and an application process:
  • Todd Picht, Resident
  • Lauren Blume, Resident
  • Russ Marchand, Resident
  • Kim Robare, Resident
  • Colin James Barch, Resident
  • Sarah Ann Mansfield, Resident
  • Joseph P. Cullen, Resident
  • Gisela Alpert, Resident
  • John Fitzgerald, Resident
  • Ben Nappi, Staff Assistant Recreation Coordinator
  • Darren Adams, Selectboard
  • Mike Morgan, Selectboard
  • Bob Brisson, Development Review Board
  • John Lindsay, Planning Commission
  • Sharon Radtke, Recreation Commission
  • Louis Mossey, Economic Development Commission
  • Christal Flieschman, Resident