Bombardier Property Advisory Committee


The Bombardier Property Committee will be meeting on the following dates:


The following Committee members were appointed by the Selectboard following public outreach seeking members and an application process:

  • Richard Saunders, Resident
  • Todd Picht, Resident
  • William Kaigle, Resident
  • Karent Trombley, Resident
  • Brenda Steady, Resident
  • Kym Duchesneau, Staff Recreation Director
  • Chris Taylor, Selectboard
  • John Palasik, Selectboard
  • John Bartlett, Staff Facilities Director
  • John Lindsay, Resident

Committee Goals & Objectives

The Bombardier Property Advisory Committee has been charged with advising the Selectboard on how the Town should utilize the Bombardier Property located at the corner of Bombardier Road and Middle Road. The Committee will incorporate public input, create a timeline for Property projects, create a budget for development of the Property, and submit a final report to the Selectboard on or before January 15, 2020. Regular meetings will be established for the Committee and meetings will be open to the public.

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