Ongoing Projects

The Department of Public Works manages the implementation of many capital projects. This page provides updates on these projects, including information on their current status, expected completion date, funding source and cost, and impact during construction. Projects included on this page will be archived after completion to serve as a record for residents.

Construction Projects Map

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Public Works Capital Projects

Southern Gateway Project
This project is currently under construction.
Under Construction
Sidewalk Gap ProjectThe project is currently under construction.Under Construction
Cherry Street SidewalkConstruction is planned to start in 2020.Under Design
Streetscape ProjectConstruction is planned for late 2020Under Design
Hourglass ProjectConstruction is planned to start in 2021.Under Design
East Road Bridge Replacement
Bridge 5 & 6 are complete and open to traffic.
Lake Road Culvert

Construction is completeComplete
FY'20 Crack Sealing ProjectCrack sealing is complete.Complete
Town Roads Paving 2019
Paving is complete.
Lake Road Water Main Replacement
Construction is complete.